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Amelia "Mia" Vélaz-Cruz is a middle-school-aged (around 13 or 14 y/o) girl with sleek black hair and dark eyes. Edit

She has a step-brother named Dan, who is into heavy metal and annoys her with it. He can be nice and helpful at times, though, but this often comes as a shock to Mia.

Personality Traits Edit

Mia is the most artistic and creative of the group, being an avid fashion lover. She is an aspiring designer and has even won a competition with her work in Mia's Recipe for Disaster. (She is often distracted from homework with fashion-related activities, and she even lied to her mother in order to avoid homework and continue with various fashion designs and research.)                

Due to her unique talents, she is appointed the official decorator of the Cupcake Club, being in charge of the style and appearance of the groups‘ cupcakes.                

Mia's dad continuously refers to her as "Mija" (which is pronounced similarly to 'Mia'). Her original best friend from New York is Ava Monroe, who shares a love of fashion with Mia. She is also the owner of two fluffy dogs named Tiki and Milkshake.                

Mia is extroverted and a social butterfly at heart and enjoys meeting new people. Her best friend in Maple Grove is Katie Brown, although, of course, she is also close friends with Emma Taylor and Alexis Becker.                


Mia is described to be very pretty. She has long, straight black hair, brown, almond-shaped eyes, and a oval shaped face which compliments her look. Her dad is described to have the same oval shaped face and her mom has a heart shaped face. She also has a similar nose to her dad. She is said to be a bit tall and has an athletic figure from soccer. In book 14, Mia gets glasses and clear braces. Although she doesn't think she looks good in them, everyone else thinks she looks great. Mia is a major fashionista and is always decked out in stylish clothes thanks to her mom, who is a well-known stylist.