Maggie "Mags" Rodriguez is a member of the Best Friends Club (formerly the Popular Girls Club). She is a tall, has frizzy brown hair, hazel eyes, and is very energetic. Her best friend is Sydney Whitman, until she moves away. She then doesn't really have an official best friend, but she seems to be closer to Bella than she is Callie. She has younger sisters, but they are never mentioned by name or introduced to the readers.

Personality Traits Edit

In the start of the series, she was considered to be merely a mean lackey of Sydney Whitman's, and is only seen when with the PGC (Popular Girls Club). She was mean to people when around Sydney, Callie or Bella (other PGC members) and in Gym class, but nobody really knew her outside of school.

Then Katie and Maggie are forced to spend time together in Katie - Batter Up! and Katie learns that Maggie isn't all that bad one-on-one. She is on the softball team, formerly with Katie, and is the most encouraging and cheery of the team but is the least athletic, despite her being the most energetic and hyper.

Appearance Edit

Maggie is said to have wild, frizzy hair that she leaves down. Nobody mentions her eye color, but it is also believed to be brown.